Online Slots that you can rely on….for a bit

Everyone loves online slots. They are certainly the biggest takes when it comes down to taking cash from players, they are bright, colourful, full of noise and can give the winning prize to change your life forever.

How you choose your online slot machine is very important, no one would want to stick hundreds of dollars into a slot machine where the maximum you can win is nothing more than a hundred dollars. It is always best to play progressive online slot machines, they are slots that have a gigantic top prize of usually a few million dollars and guess what? you can win that with just one spin of the reels and most winners have actually won it that way.

Progressive jackpots can be found at a host of online casinos where the software is provided by one of the main and large online casino software providers. This way the casinos gain more income by more players and are therefore able to provide much bigger prizes.

The actual type of online slot is up to you, it’s your personal taste that will count when making the decision, had you already made the intelligent choice of choosing a progressive online slot your next port of call is which one takes your fancy.

This is a very basic step and goes back to when you were born, were you a boy, your parents would provide blue clothes, a girl, then pink would be piling through the post office from your Grandmother. It is exactly the same with regards to online slots, no self respecting gentleman would want to be seen playing the Barbie Game and the majority of females would not be sat at their PC’s playing the slots version of Alien Versus Predator 3.

Once you have decided on the best looking game for your needs then patience comes into play. Going all out and sticking as much money in as quickly as possible will only raise your blood pressure and result in you getting bored very quickly. It is good to do some homework first, find out exactly what the machine is about and what the best ways are to get towards that jackpot, it may be that you just have to click the mouse button intensely before getting anywhere but it pays to check anyway.

Do not expect to win the jackpot in your first hours play, set up a money limit to play with each week, possibly even one or two dollars a day and stick with it, the games may go past very quickly but you will soon reap the rewards. It is common knowledge that machines are fixed to pay out at a certain percentage but you can use that to your advantage.

When depositing $10 into a slot you could almost guarantee that you will win $2 with it, whether that be when you have $9 in the pot or your last 25c is something no one will be able to tell you, but should you win more with your first $10 and you increase your pot to $22 then what? Your initial reaction is that the slot machine is paying out and you will win more. Wrong. This is a key point, not because you have won something but rather that you have increaed your inital stake. Leave it for the day. Do not go back and have another go tomorrow, then just try and gamble $5. Win or lose your pot will still be large than when you started. Start and go on in small steps and the rewards could be highly beneficial.

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