Slots have always been popular gambling games, and with the gambling industry going online, the popularity of slot games has increased manifold.

Today, slot games are among the most popular of all gambling games across the world. There are a number of cool online slot machines that you can check out, and one of these is the Cleopatra slot machine.

So what is the Cleopatra slot machine? How do you play this slot machine? What are your chances of winning when you play the Cleopatra slot machine?

What is the amount you can bet while playing the Cleopatra slot machine? We will discuss all this and more about the Cleopatra slot machine briefly in this article.

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What is the Cleopatra Slot Machine?

The Cleopatra slot machine is a video slot that features imagery from the times of Cleopatra, including symbols of Cleopatra and the Sphinx. As the name suggests, this slot machine is based on the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The slot has some fantastic graphics representative of the times of Cleopatra, including the Sphinx, and also great sound effects.

The Cleopatra slot machine has been developed by International Game Technology (IGT), a well-known name in this domain.

The Cleopatra slot machine is a 5-reel 20-payline machine, which means you have the chance to bet on these lines and win up to 10,000 coins. It has a number of cool player-friendly features and allows you the chance to win big money when you play it.

These features include free spins, scatter multipliers, and more. Each of the 20 paylines is a potential source of a huge win, which is one of the reasons why this video slot is so popular among players.

By playing the reels at the Cleopatra slot machine, a player can potentially nail a maximum of up to 100,000 credits. Getting hold of the bonus on offer opens the doors to even more massive wins. Then, there is the Cleopatra Mega Jackpot slot machine, which has an additional jackpot running into millions of dollars.

Cleopatra Slot Machine for Smartphones

Recently, IGT, the manufacturers of the Cleopatra slot machine, launched a version of this slot for the smartphone market. Now players can play the Cleopatra slot machine directly from their iPhones and iPods. Needless, to say, the smartphone version is a scaled down and portable version of the online game, but has all the features and retains the same looks as the online version.

You can play the smartphone version of the Cleopatra slot machine in two modes – Instant Win and Tournament. The tournament mode has one notable additional feature – it tracks the player’s score during the course of the tournament and also posts it to leaderboards.

Whichever the mode you opt to play in, the smartphone version of the Cleopatra slot machine comes with excellent quality graphics and cool sound effects.

You can play the smartphone version of the Cleopatra slot machine for free or for real money. There are two ways you can play the Cleopatra slot machine – you can hit Play or, optionally, you can shake your smartphone.

On the flip side, you do not have the possibility of winning huge jackpots when playing the smartphone version of the Cleopatra slot machine. However, at $1.99 on the App Store, it is cheap and fun as well.