General Overview

One of the famous online casinos which are available to you since 1998 is Super Slot Casino.  Today it has made name for itself.  It is licensed in Antigua and Barbuda and part of English Harbor new Ventures Group.  The online site offers 100 plus exciting online casino games for the user.   The major difference between the other online gaming site and this site is that it offers free slot comps.

The actual slot Comps

The Casino gives you several online slots comps.  These slots can be bifurcated in daily, weekly and monthly slots for everybody who wants to take part in it.  The range of these slots varies from $1 to $3.  There are some free slot comps also for the players.  There are some tournaments at the casino where all the players need to compete for the pot.  There will be generous distribution of the prize slots tournaments.

How to go for free slot comps

The Casino regularly runs free slots comps where all the players can take part.  Here players do not need to pay any buy in fees for the tournament.  They are supposed to take parts free of charge in these tournaments and they can win some money.  The current free slot comps prize money that Super Slots Casino has on their chart is $2000.  The current free games that are going on Super slots Casino are Dolphin King, Dynasty, Daredevil Dave, Last king of Egypt and Northern lights.

Conditions for the free Slots Tournaments

Every player should have one account only.  Player who has more than one active account will not get winning amount and all his accounts will be blocked.  There will be specific time limit for every tournament and the price will be given to the completed spins only. There will be some additional bonus features for the final events.  All the rules and regulations of the tournaments will be applicable to the free slots comps.

Benefits of Free Slot Comps

The main advantage of joining this casino is enjoying and you definitely get that fun here by playing free games without spending your own money.  Once you are sure of the fun, now you can put your money into actual gaming.

Free Slots Comps give you practice for the main tournaments as all the rules and regulation as well as playing pattern is same.  It brushes your skills without spending money.   Putting your money on something that you do not know properly is always dangerous as you are always at high risk at losing your money.  Free Slots Comps shows you all the techniques of the game as well as casino.

There is an opportunity for you to win large amount of prize without putting a single penny from your side.  Many other casinos have this kind of games but you need to spend the winning amount then and there itself.  In the Super Slot Casino, you can take you winning amount home.