Free slots bonus offers are a very popular incentive that internet casinos will use to encourage players to play games on their particular site. There is a large variety of online free slots bonus offers and each one has its own set of conditions and advantages.

Free Slots Bonus Offers: Introductions

In the next section we will look at some of the various free slots bonus offers that you can use to play free slots games.  Before we start, I just want you to understand that online casino bonuses come with a whole host of terms and conditions to protect the casino.  Although you get extra free money, they make sure that you are not likely to walk away with more money than you started with.

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Free Slots Bonus Offers: Types

Welcome free slots bonus offers are very popular and this is sometimes referred to as a sign up bonus or a new player bonus.  A lot of welcome bonuses are for a hundred dollars.  You will find ones that are bigger but these often come with more strings attached.

Percentage free slots bonus offers are also very popular and most online casinos offer these.  Percentage bonuses vary from around 25% to 500%.  When a casino gives you a 100% extra for every deposit you make, this is called a matching money bonus or an even money bonus.  This means that they will match your deposit amount dollar for dollar.  If you are signing up for a fifty percent bonus the online casino will give you fifty extra cents for every dollar you deposit with them.

Reload free slots bonus offers are set up in such a way to ensure that you keep on reloading your online gaming account and keep playing with the same online casino.  It is a bit like the online casino welcome bonus and they often give you a hundred percent matching bonus of up to a hundred dollars.

With no deposit free slots bonus offers you don’t have to deposit any money with the casino.  The online casino just add cash to your gaming account, normally when you open an account, to give you an incentive to start playing at their casino. No Deposit Bonus offers start at ten dollars and usually goes up to around twenty dollars.

Preferred deposit free slots bonus offers is an online casino bonus that they deposit when players utilize the casino’s favored type of electronic payment system to put cash in your account. Some online casinos have their reasons why they would like for you to deposit money with a certain electronic payment system.  This bonus is usually five to fifteen percent of the cash that you deposit.  If the online casino says that they will pay up to twenty thousand dollars, it means that this will still be between five to fifteen percent of the money you have to deposit.

As you can see there are many free slots bonus offers for you to choose from but always make sure that you only deposit money at a reputable online casino.

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