The Cleopatra Slot Machine- Introduction

Slots are one of the very popular gambling games apart from blackjack and poker. Its popularity has gained heights with the introduction of gambling industry online.

Slot games have become the most popular and most widely played gambling games across the globe. A lot of online slot machines are present for the players, one of them being the Cleopatra slot machine.

What actually is this Cleopatra slot machine? How does one operate it? How much can one gamble while playing on this machine? How likely one is to win the game while playing the Cleopatra slot machine? All this is to be discussed in this article and surely this is going to help all the players out there.

An explanation of the Cleopatra slot machine

We all must surely be wondering about what exactly is this Cleopatra slot machine? Basically this machine consists of video slot which will show the player the images from Cleopatra’s time. This machine also consists of Sphinx’s and the Cleopatra’s symbols. This machine has fabulous sound effects and also some incredible graphics of Cleopatra’s time and it also includes the Sphinx.

The Cleopatra slot machine is based on the renowned Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, and its name suggests that too. This great machine is the development made by the International Game Technology (IGT) which is again a renowned name in this field.

The machine consists of 20-paylines and 5-reels. The player gambles on these lines and gets a chance to win 10,000 coins. This machine has got many features which are quite friendly to the player and this will ultimately help the player increase his chances of winning the prize money while playing it.

Scatter multipliers, free spins, and many more are some of the player-friendly features. One reason for the popularity of this video slot is that each of the 20-paylines which are present becomes the probable source of winning.

A player can pin up to 10,000 credits with the help of the reels which are present on the slot machine, and when it’s a bonus, obviously it will increase the player’s chances to win. Another attractive thing is the Super Jackpot Slot Machine which will help the players to win millions of dollars as it runs an additional jackpot.

Smart phones compatible Cleopatra Slot machine

It would be so good if one could play this slot game directly from their iPads and iPhones. For the player’s convenience, the manufacturer company of this machine, IGT, has released a wide range of versions of this slot game for the smart phones. You may be wondering whether this would be as good as the online game or not. This is the specialty of this version that it has equally good features as that of the online slot game.

This smart phone version provides the player with two modes in which he can play namely-Tournament and Instant Win. In the tournament mode the score of the player is tracked during the tournament and then it is posted to the leader boards. No matter what mode you opt for, the Cleopatra slot machine has fantastic sound effects and graphics.

The smart phone version of the Cleopatra slot game offers you to play for real cash or for free. On the other hand there is a lesser chance of winning huge jackpots while playing from the smart phone version. Instead a cheaper option is to pay $1.99 at the App store and have fun.